Top 10 Quotes by Hazrat Ali (Radiallahoanho)

Assalamwalekum my dear brothers and sisters,

Here are Top 10 Quotes by Hazrat Ali (Radiallahoanho) which we must implement in our lives.

1. That person who always remains unhappy, then that which makes him happy or give him pleasure would never be known.

2. That person who when praised is thankful to those that praise him, in reality that is not thankfulness but a joke.

3. This World is a corpse. Indirectly, people become kinsmen. Kinsmen in its greed to obtain its wealth, thus not even halting to destroy one another.

4. If the fear of death is close to your heart then the pride of false hopes will never come near or overpower it.

5. To spend time pondering and seeking advice is similar to be in quest of a counselor’s guidance.

6. ‘Alim is that person who acts upon what he preaches.

7. To combine charity with obligation is wickedness.

8. When a road is open towards peace from freedom then it is foolish to stay in fear and bondage.

9. Restlessness combined with patience is definitely more inconvenient.

10. When you cannot give the weak and oppressed anything then at least show mercy and kindness towards them.


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